Baby Making… Not as easy as you’d think.

13 07 2011

When my wife and I decided were “ready” to have kids we figured all we had to do is drop the birth control and have sex and 9 months later we would have our own little bundle of joy.  And while we have friends who can get pregnant at the mere thought of sex, that wasn’t the case for  us.  It took us almost 3 years to achieve our goal and in a few weeks we should be able to finally meet our little one.  One thing we learned along the way is that it’s not  uncommon for it to take 1, 2 or even 3 years for a couple to conceive, some people are really efficient at making babies, and some aren’t.  After 1-2 years the Doctors will start to run tests on both the male and female and a lot of times they will come back and you guys are both “normal”.  So if you are normal why aren’t you conceiving?  Well one thing I stumbled across is my reading and podcasting about the Paleo diet is that a lot of women who started to eat Paleo got pregnant, and most times not planned.  It’s actually a bit of a joke on the podcast I listen to.

So how can what you eat have any effect on your fertility?  Well the stuff we eat causes all kinds of stuff to happen in our bodies.  I’m not smart enough to articulate all the science and body chemistry, but when you eat certain foods (mainly grains and vegetable oils), it promotes inflammation throughout your body, and inflammation is the leading cause to almost every auto immune disease out there.  Eating grains as well as other carbs can lead to poor insulin sensitivity which also moves you in the direction of Type II diabetes.  If you want to learn about science behind all of this google Robb Wolf or Mat Lalonde and Paleo or just by Robb’s book off Amazon.  Below are three links, two of which are personal testimonies from women who weren’t able to conceive before going Paleo, but did afterwards.  I’m not saying this is for everyone, but it’s a lot cheaper to give this a shot first before you have to resort to fertility treatments.

The whole 9 site has a ton of other information about paleo along with a “Whole 30” challenge.  Here is a link to a ton of real life testimonials about other benefits people experienced from eating paleo.

There is also new research out that states how important diet is for a baby while in utero. Here is a quick snippet from that article:

“In fact, some researchers now believe the 9 months of pregnancy are the most consequential period of our lives, permanently influencing the wiring of the brain and the function of organs like the heart, liver and pancreas. They also suggest that the conditions we encounter in utero shape everything from our susceptibility to disease, to our appetite and metabolism, to our intelligence and temperament.”

There is a lot of stuff to read outside of this blog post, but it’s all good information is you’re trying to have a baby, or if you know someone who is.




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