Being the best…

20 07 2011

Every child dreams of being the best at something.  Whether it be sports, music, work and so on, kids always shoot for the very top.   All the baseball players were going to the MLB, all the basketball players were going to the NBA, and so on.   I wanted to be the best at everything, but instead I had to settle for good.  I played 3 high school sports and was on the Varsity team for all three by my sophomore  year, but I never made and all county team, or won any championships.  The closest I came to that was a second place finish in the county tournament in wrestling.  Maybe I should of just focused on one sport instead of trying to play 3, maybe it wouldn’t of made a difference.  Who knows?

At some point in my high school sports career I decided I wanted to play Lacrosse in College, and even though I was never a full time start I had convinced myself I was good enough to play Division I lacrosse and nothing else was good enough.  I played a year at a prep school where I finally earned a coveted starting spot and was recruited to play at a DI school in Connecticut.  All was good in the world, or so I thought.  A semester later and 15k in tuition and I was back home in MD registering for classes at AACC.  Apparently God had other plans for me than I had for myself.  I was perfectly fine racking up 100k plus in student loans if it meant I could play DI lacrosse!  Boy am I glad that didn’t work out, I’d probably still be paying off those loans!

I played two years at AACC, got to go to a final 4 and then moved on to Towson University (no lacrosse) and got my degree.  After I met my wife I started playing softball and I decided I wanted to be really good at that, at this point I knew being the best just wasn’t plausible for me.  So after playing a few years of church ball I decided I was good enough to play on a tournament team.  That lasted one year and I realized that I wasn’t good enough for that.  So back to Church ball I went and I think that’s where I’ll stay since we just wrapped up a championship season.

All that’s left for me sports wise is CrossFit, and I had very loft goals for that when I started too!  I was going to qualify for the games in California!  Well after 4 competitions and zero finishes in the top 10 I’ve realized I’m not going to be the best at that either.  The guys that are the best in the world at this sport are genetic freaks who never get tired, and some of them get paid to work out all day.  I’ll never have the time to dedicate to being the best at this sport so I’ll just have to settle for the other benefits, like being healthy…

The thing I am looking forward to most these days is being a father.  I feel like I can be the best Father in the world to my own child and that excites me.  I know I won’t be the best Dad in the world, but if I can be the best Dad in the world in the eyes of my own kid(s) then that is all I’ll ever need.   Even if I had become the best in the world at lacrosse, or CrossFit for anything else, I doubt it would of compared to being the best Dad I can be.  I know it’s not going to be easy, and I know it’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m up for the challenge and ready to put in the work! I pray that I can achieve this new goal and the best at something that really matters…




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20 07 2011

I can say you are one of my BEST friend, BEST teammates, and one of the BEST Softball coaches. I know you will the the greatest father as well. LOVE you dude

20 07 2011
Dave Holmes

Chris there is no doubt that you will be a great father, you are a genuinely good person which seems to be in short number these days. The one thing to take to heart in your sports journeys is that these successes and failures ultimately shape the person you have become. The drive to be better was developed by the obstacles faced and overcome. Those around you are also better for being called your friend, and I am thankful to be included.

20 07 2011
Samuel Bolin

When I read this post I’m reminded of the verse from Matthew 16 – 26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? 27 For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.
I too (I believe most men do as well) share the curse of wanting to be the best…You spoke to the exact thing that has to happen in one’s life in order for success to be achieved. That is balance. I think the definition of that balance is individual applied. For you, and most all of us, becoming a professional athlete would ruin our lives and we probably would still fail.
All of this said we just need to learn to have fun with those things. I recently started playing hockey-I suck-but every time I pay 12$ to step on that ice I have so much fun, and I am very satisfied. For this same reason I don’t play softball.
I told someone last night that most people have to work to pursue what they love to do. As with most guys I’d quit my career in a heart beat to play sports or music for a living, but until that point I gotta keep a healthy balance.
Keep up the blogging!

26 08 2011

Before Mason was born, I knew in my heart that you were going to be a great father. Just seeing the love you and Crystal share with one another shows how great you will be raising a child/children. Now seeing you with Mason proves that you will be the perfect Dad in his eyes. You will strive to be the best that you can be. You are not a quitter. Having a child is one of the best gifts in life that we could ever receive from our Heavenly Father. I love you and have no doubt that
you will be a great Dad!!!!

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