The Adventure of Mason James…

7 08 2011

Day 1: The Best Day of my life!

Mason started to make his presence known around 11 pm on August 2nd in the form of contractions.  By 3 o’clock on the 3rd we were checked in at AAMC.  From then until about quarter of 10 we waited for the green light to PUSH!  Crystal handled the contractions very well and I was amazed at how calm she remained throughout the entire process.  Not once did she yell at me, or raise her voice and even the nurses were impressed with her demeanor.  They couldn’t believe it was her first child.  Once the green light to push was given I spent the better part of two hours staring at the top of Mason’s head while Crystal did all the hard work.  At 11:52 PM on August 3rd my 7 pound 8 ounce son was born.  Waiting for the baby to be born to find out his sex was difficult but the payoff was absolutely worth it.  I was the first person to know that he was a boy, and it was awesome.  I knew I was going to be emotional, but I wasn’t prepared for the wave of emotion that came over me.  Almost immediately Crystal and I started pouring out tears of joy.  He was absolutely perfect!  I walked down to the waiting room welcomed by friends and family and even though I tried to hold it together I lost it again.  Shelly even has video.  Crystal and I ended the evening alone in the room just staring in awe at this beautiful child that God had blessed us with.



The day started like the last day ended, us being engrossed in our awesome son.  Visitors came through as well as the Pediatrician.  Everything was good and everyone loved him, he was so chill through everything and he never seemed to cry.  On the Pediatrician’s second examination he noticed a small murmur in his heart and ordered a echo cardiogram.  Murmurs are normally not a big deal but it was just a precautionary test.  A few hours later Crystal gets a call that Mason has tumors inside of his heart and asked her which hospital we wanted to have him transferred too.

BAM!   Punch in the Gut!

We both kind of lost it a bit and tears were shed, and then me being me, I jumped on google and started doing research.  HUGE mistake as that just got me even more worked up to the point of sobbing.  I never knew you could love someone you just met as much as I loved Mason and now something might be wrong with him.  After gathering myself and getting my emotions under control I spend some time in prayer and quickly had a peace that Mason was going to be ok.   From that point forward I promised myself I would have a positive outlook until I had a reason to think otherwise.  I was then tasked with telling EVERYONE else what was going on and trying to do it in a way that didn’t freak them out.  While I was able to stay strong, everyone else had their chance to cry and or freak out.  The day ended with us and some friends and family at Hopkins waiting for the rash of tests to begin on Mason so we could figure out what was going on.


Enter the term “Tuberous Sclerosis”.  All we really knew at this time was that Mason had several tumors in his heart and that they were more than likely Rhabdomyoma tumors.  In most cases when these tumors are present in the heart the patient has Tuberous Sclerosis.  For the low down on TSC go here and do some reading.

Since TSC can effect other organs in the body the doctors wanted to do tests on Masons brain, kidneys, and eyes to check for more tumors.  Everything came up clear except he has some lesions in his brain.  At this point we haven’t had the chance to talk to the head neurologist yet but from what I’ve been told so far the lesions are in a place that aren’t likely to cause seizures, but nothing is guaranteed.  TSC is something that 1 in 6000 babies are born with and the symptoms vary greatly from person to person.  Sometimes it goes completely undiagnosed, and sometimes it can have major issues.

Bottom line is the future is unknown for Mason, the tumors in his heart should reduce in size and they aren’t causing any issues with the flow of blood in and out of his heart.  As long as they don’t cause any arrhythmia he shouldn’t experience any  symptoms from them, but there is a chance that other tumors could pop up throughout his body as he gets older and throughout his life.  We’re praying that he will be fine and not experience any issues and now that we know what he has we can keep an eye out for things and he will more than likely get yearly examinations done at Hopkins.  Crystal and I will raise him and treat  him like every other child.  All we can do is love on him and thank God for every day that goes by without any symptoms.

A couple things that popped into my head throughout this whole ordeal is that James is my favorite book in the bible, and one of my favorite things to talk to people about is perseverance.  One of my favorite verses is James 1:12. “Blessed is the man perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” Shelly also found out that Mason name means “Overcomer” and she found this verse.  Revelations 2:17 “He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it.”  We both have faith that Mason will overcome all of this and will live a full life.  We appreciate everyone’s prayers so far and if you’re still reading this I appreciate you taking the time .  Mason should be coming home tomorrow and Crystal and I would appreciate a couple days to just love on him and get adjusted to having him home before everyone starts coming over to see how beautiful he really is!

Thanks and God Bless,




22 responses

7 08 2011

Julie and I are praying for you all as you walk through this journey. God is faithful, rest in Him.

7 08 2011

Chris, Crystal and Mason – you are all in our prayers. Mason – we are trusting God to bless you and us through you! You have made us all very happy and we are so glad you are here!

7 08 2011
Debbie Deans

We love you guys!!!! Praying harder than you know. You all will persevere we just know it. God be with your family

7 08 2011
Marty McConville

Chris, Crystal and Mason, You have our Love and Prayers.
Marty & Terri

7 08 2011
Jenny Rogers

You all are in my thoughts and prayers! God is with you all through all of this and he will heal Mason. The best thing to do is remain positive and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. If you all need anything I’m here always. You all are going to be the best parents!

8 08 2011


Blessings and prayers for you, Crystal and Mason. Years from this day when Mason is grown, this will be one of his stories to tell his children just how great God can be!

8 08 2011
Lorretta Owens

Chris, Crystal, and Baby Mason- You all are in my prayers and will continue to be in my prayers. May God fill you with His Peace and in Him we are more than conquerors!!!! Enjoy that precious little boy that God has blessed you with!!!!

8 08 2011
Patty Holmes

The Holmes family is praying for you all … if there is anything we can help with, please let us know! Mason is precious!

8 08 2011
Nicole A. Davis Bontrager

Chris and Crystal, you have a beautiful man in the making in Mason James. God has blessed you with a most wonderful and perfect gift. The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

8 08 2011
Diana Frick

Hey guys, the Fricks are praying for you and lifting up baby Mason!
Our God is an awesome God!! Sending hugs your way!!!

8 08 2011
The Follett Family

Congratulation’s to both of you and your precious reward from our Heavenly Father “Mason”, he is beautiful. I am standing in prayer and believing in miracles of healing and recovery for your precious little son. He is a signs & wonders God!!! God bless you and make His face to shine upon you all… The Follett Family

8 08 2011
Puddy Neall

Crystal and Chris – What more can I say than I know God is with you and Mason. I pray for you all. Love , Puddy

8 08 2011
judie zanti

your faith is strong, and God is with you. Mason is definitely a gift, and you will pull your strength from him. I can’t wait to one day see this beautiful little boy! love, Judie Ringrose Zanti

8 08 2011

Chris and crystal and mason,you all will be in every thought and pray you two are awesome people with alot of love to give little mj ditch I hope and pray everyday that not that I hope I know with all my heart he will be ok

8 08 2011

May God Bless all three of you. Crystal, I know God as a healer and I know your beautiful son sent from above is going to be just fine. Congratulations to you all and continue to keep God first in all you say and do. Love you guys, Glennie

8 08 2011
Donna Gogarty

Chris and Crystal, Your baby Mason is beautiful and he is so lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents. Congratulations on this beautiful gift. I’ll pray for his continued good health. Can’t wait to meet the little guy! Donna

8 08 2011
Randy and Mary Holmes

Chris and Crystal- Mason is a a beautiful baby with strong and caring parents, family and friends. He is very fortunate to come into this world and be so very loved. Please know that all three of you of are in our hearts and prayers.
Love Randy and Mary Holmes

“In his heart a man plans his course, but God determines his steps.”

8 08 2011
Russ Holloway

Molly and I are praying for you and you’re beautiful son. May God bless you and may he heal Mason entirely. May he also provide for your family and bring you the most skilled medical care. ~Russ

9 08 2011
Amy Stein

What amazing parents you are already! 🙂 You can truly see God walking you through these first days of Mason’s life! Praying for continued peace and 100% healing! What a sweet family you have! Love, Amy & Troy 🙂

15 08 2011

You don’t know me, but your wife at the ame company as my husband. This was forwarded to me. Anyway, just want you to know that I, too, will be praying for your precious Mason, and for you and your wife to be able to keep your eyes on Jesus.

16 08 2011
Carmelitta P.Nelson

Crystal, & Chris,

What a precious blessng little Mason is, enjoy him as they grow very year this time you’ll be wondering what happened! (LOL) His is blessed to have such loving and caring parents as you two! You are all in my prayers…it’s so awesome that all we have to do is ask, believe, and it’s done…just look at Mason James Ditch! #THANKFUL

Love you guys!

21 08 2011
Marian Ditch and Family

Chris and Crystal – We are all praying for Mason James and you both. Prayer is strong, your family ties are strong. We will include Mason James on our prayer list at Church. We all know that Mason will grow into a strong healthy little boy and be the newest youngest member of the Ditch clan. If we can do anything at all, please let us know. Can’t wait to meet my new little cousin.

Love to you all and positive thoughts and prayers are with you all !

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