Friends and Family, and the Nurses and Doctors.

9 08 2011

Crystal and I just wanted to take say that we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that we received from our friends and family.  To all those who came to the AAMC for his birth, to the visitors the next day, and to the people who sat in the cramped waiting room at Hopkins, we appreciate all of you.  We’re also thankful for all the people who offered to feed the cats, mow our grass, or bring us food, and even went as far as to say “whatever you need”.  A lot of people stepped up in big ways, and even something as simple as the encouraging words you posted on the blog or on Facebook went a long way.  We also know that many of you spent time in prayer for the family and they were felt.  I had a peace about things after my initial break down and I will continue to be positive.  Everything is in God’s hands and we trust in His will for our little guy.

Even though the staff at AAMC and Hopkins may never read this we still feel the need to thank to them.  The nurses at AAMC were very friendly and compassionate women.  Mel, our nurse the day Mason got transferred even shared a few tears with us when we found out the news.  She also helped to encourage us that he was going to be ok.  Sarah, the nurse that helped deliver Mason was great, as were all the other nurses we had during our stay there.  At Hopkins were fortunate enough to have the same nurse for most of our stay there.  Here name was Jackie and she was extremely helpful in making us feel comfortable and she took great care of Mason.  During our stay there we met many of the nurses there and all of them were great people.  The majority of the Doctors we met were very compassionate and all were willing to answer the large amount of questions that I had ask, and all of them commented on how cute baby Mason was.  The Nurse practitioners did their best to try and get all the tests scheduled and done so we could go home and we appreciate that greatly.  We want to thank Nurse Jen for all her help as well and for seeing us off on our voyage home.  While she was only Mason’s nurse for a few hours, we were able to talk to her a lot since she was there 3 out of the 4 days we were.  In short the NICU unit at Hopkins is awesome!




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