Times like these…

16 12 2011

I have a lot of things going through my head right now, and sometimes writing or in this case typing them helps.  I made the mistake of reading a support page for Tuberous Sclerosis on Facebook today, and it took my mind from the positive “Mason is going to be fine” to the “what if” side of things.  There is so much uncertainty with this disorder and things can change at any time.  Mason has been amazing for the last 4 months and is doing everything a 4 month old baby should.  By looking at him the only thing that would tell you he is any different from anyone else is a couple white spots on his body.  He has been such an amazing baby so far too, he sleeps great, eats great, hardly ever cries or fusses.  Crystal and I are just so blessed by him!  It breaks my heart to think that anything bad could happen to him, and it breaks it even more to think that if something does happen I have no control over it and there is nothing I can do to “fix” it.  As a man I’m a “fixer”.  I want to fix everyone’s problems, but the truth is I can’t.  It’s hard for me to accept that.  All I can do is trust that God knows what He is doing and that He has a plan for Mason’s life.  I have no question that Mason is going to effect many people.  He already has in so many ways.




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16 12 2011

We love Mason. We love you and Crystal. It hurts us too to think that something could go wrong with Mason or any of our grandchildren as they come along – God willing.

You and Crystal are amazing parents and whatever comes – God will give you the strength to face it. I firmly believe that God has a plan for Mason’s life – He has a plan for all of our lives. You are right that Mason has already touched many hearts and lives and he will touch many more.

I feel your pain as a man looking down on your little man and wishing you could fix it – whatever comes. God will allow you to do your part and the witness of your family will speak volumes to a saved and unsaved community.

God bless you and we are there for you (and we do mean it) whatever you need. You are family and we love you!

16 12 2011

There is so much love that surrounds Mason, Crystal and yourself. It hurts me to know that there isn’t anything I can say or do to comfort you and your family. When your child hurts you hurt. God will give you the strength to face whatever is dealt. He has a plan, we don’t know what that is and that is where our “FAITH” will help us through. Yours and Crystal’s faith is so strong, God will lead you both through. I love all three of you so very much. I am here and always will be anytime of the day. God bless and may he give you peace as you travel this journey with Mason.

17 12 2011
judie zanti

Chris and Crystal,
Only having witnessed the tip of the iceburg with my niece…she was born perfectly normal, but was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome at about a year old. These children regress to the point of having very little function beside breathing. It has been a difficult journey for all involved, and my nephew is her primary caretaker along with my sister. But I will be honest with you, she lights up my nephew’s life like nothing I have ever seen. She just turned 21, and every day that she is here is a blessing to her family. I pray that you and Crystal continue to be positive and find the joy in the blessing that is Mason. None of us know what God has in store….but HE knows, and will give you the strength to travel thru it. And, miracles do happen,,keep the faith!

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