28 03 2012

Crystal and I knew before Mason was even born that he would be a great gift to us.  But I don’t think either of really knew how much of an impact he would have on our lives.  I don’t think anyone really knows for sure how much a child changes your life, and in so many ways.  I can’t speak for Crystal specifically but I know without a doubt I am a different person because of Mason.  Never in my life have I cried like I did the day he was born, and never in my life have I felt such overwhelming joy.  I’ve never been a very emotional person, but since Mason has come along that has changed.  I get choked up sometimes just thinking about him, or looking at a picture of him.  I am forever changed because of him.

In 2 days time Mason will have gone a full 2 months without a spasm!  His last one was on January 30 which is the same day that our small group lifted him up in prayer.  We know that prayer works, and we know that a lot people lift him in prayer daily and we are incredibly grateful for that!  What prompted me to write this blog is how blessed we are that Mason is doing as well as he is.  He is developing normally, he is way ahead of the curve in height in weight, and he is an all around great baby.  Infantile Spasms are very hard to control, but we have been fortunate enough to keep them at bay for the most part, and we are incredibly thankful for that.  Our prayers now are that he outgrows the Spasms, which typically happens around 2 years, and that he won’t develop any other type of seizures.  We continue to take things a day at a time and just remember to thank God for every good day he has!

One thing I have always told the kids in the youth group at church is that whenever something bad happens you can usually look back on it and find something good that came from it.  About 8 weeks ago I injured my back lifting weights at CrossFit.  After 3 weeks of trying to fix it on my own I finally went to a doctor and found out I had a bulging disc with a annular tear.  Before Mason this would of been the end of the world for me.  I was very much into all things health and fitness and CrossFit was my outlet for both.  I am just now slowly transitioning back into working out, and although I hate being out of shape and not working out,  I have been able to spend a lot more time with Mason than I would have if I had still been working out every night.  I’ve learned that working out isn’t the most important thing anymore.  A very wise woman told me once that “You never look back and wish you had spent less time with your kids”.  I have all intentions of getting myself back into shape and working out, but the amount time and effort I put into won’t be the same.  Trying to be an elite athlete isn’t as important as spending time with Crystal and Mason.  I would of rather learned the lesson without the injury, but who knows how long it would of taken me to learn it without it.





2 responses

28 03 2012
David Holmes

I am happy he is doing better, I firmly believe every thing happens for a reason.

29 03 2012

Awesome words of praise and encouragement. I am so blessed to say you are my son!!!!

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