One year!

31 01 2013

IMG_1318[1]When you look at this picture you wouldn’t think Mason has any health issues, you wouldn’t think he has tumors on his heart, skin and brain or that he could get them on his kidneys or even his eyes. You wouldn’t think that a year ago Mason was having seizures and that we had to call 911 where he was taken by ambulance to the Johns Hopkins ER.  Later that same day he had one  that lasted over 15 minutes long.  15 minutes feels like an eternity when as a parent you feel like you can’t do anything to help.  All you can do is watch and wait for it to end, it’s absolute torture. When you look at Mason you see a healthy “big”, strong boy because he is, and we believe God is doing a miracle inside of him and healing him of this thing called Tuberous Sclerosis.

Today is a day of celebration and praise!  It marks one full year of Mason being seizure free.  Around Christmas 2011 Mason started having seizures again and we began fine tuning the dosage on his meds to get them back under control.  It was a very emotionally trying time for both Crystal and I, but we had faith that things would get better.  Mason had a stretch from December 28th through January 21st without a seizure and during that time we thought everything was under control.  He had at least one seizure a day for 10 days. I remember very clearly both of us being pretty broken one night about it when we got a voice mail message from a very good friend who recorded our small group praying for Mason and our family. It’s so humbling to hear people truly pray for you with a heavy heart, we felt like we were there.  Crystal was holding Mason just balling crying as we thanked God for caring so much. The next day Jan 31st, we woke up with such a peace knowing that whatever happened God was in control and He will equip us with whatever we may need to be the parents Mason needs us to be.  That day January 30th 2012 was the last time Mason had a seizure!  Praise God!  Crystal and I are very thankful and humbled by all the people who pray for Mason each day, and every day that goes by that Mason doesn’t have a seizure we thank God for it before we go to bed.  We are thankful for a great Neurologist, and for meds that are proven to work, but we are more thankful for a God that answers prayers.  We are sinful people and don’t deserve the Grace that is being poured over our son, but we are so very thankful for it.  We pray that God will continue to work in Mason and in us and that he will continue to pour out his love and grace on Mason.  We know that Mason isn’t guaranteed anything, just like we aren’t, and we know the only way to overcome any other bumps in the road we may encounter along the way is with God, because without him we would of been lost in the times when things were going wrong.

For now we simply focus on our amazing son and the gift he has been to us.  We ask you all to continue to pray with us each day that Mason won’t be affected by the TS and that he will continue to grow and develop like any other child.  We will continue to give praise to God for everything that happens in his life.  Thank you again for your love and support to us and our son, we appreciate everything that everyone has done for us.

God Bless,
Chris & Crystal




One response

1 02 2013
Malvina Bowlding

Awesome! Praise God! Glad we serve a God who is bigger than TS! Congrats on a special day, you all are great parents!! ; ) love you all so much!!~Mal

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